Medical & Transportation Release Form
The Adventures of Pickleman!

We strive to provide a safe and secure environment where children can come and learn about a personal relationship with Christ. In order to best take care of God's little ones we have a Nurse and Life Guard on property with us at all times. In case there is an accident we want to be able to provide the best and most immediate care. 

In order to do this we require that each child have a NOTARIZED Medical Treatment and a Travel Release Form on file at camp. If there ever happens to be an accident, rest assured you would be notified as  quickly as possible. Please click on the form to the right, download, and print. Then sign it in front of a Notary and turn the completed form in prior to your child attending camp.

We also need a Digital Event Participation Permission Form filled out with E-signature for each child under 
the age of 17.
Thank You for your cooperation!