The Adventures of Pickleman!

General information
1-Cleanest Cabin: There will be a competition each morning between the boys and girls to see who has the cleanest cabin. Prizes will be awarded each day.

2-Kangaroo Court: Kangaroo Court is our version of Lost and Found.

3-Skits: Some days there will be a skit. The children will have an opportunity to volunteer to be in the skit if they wish.

4-Talent Showcase: It is our desire to encourage everyone to discover and showcase their God given talents and abilities. We will provide opportunities during camp for campers and counselors alike to display their talents. Everything from: singing, dancing, monologue/skits to lego building or gymnastics and jump roping. Almost anything goes. If someone would like to participate in the Talent Showcase then they need to bring to camp all necessary items need for their performance such as costumes, props, CDs, etc. Campers are encouraged to perform if they wish. On Tuesday morning during free time they will have the opportunity to practice and to show our coordinators their talent. 

5- Weird Science costume party! On Wednesday night we will be having a Weird scientist-Camp party. Campers are invited to wear their best "Weird" outfit/costume if they wish. We will have some fun skits, crazy games and opportunities to win prizes. It’s gonna be fun! *Please Note: costumes are NOT mandatory! Whether a costume is worn or not, everyone will have equal opportunities to participate, win prizes and have fun!

June 2019

Dear REAL Kidz Camp Parent/Guardian,

We are so pleased that your child is planning to attend camp this year. Our camp staff is dedicated to making this a safe, exciting and rewarding experience for every camper. We are proud of our 1-5 Chaperone/Camper Ratio. We always have the best Lifeguard, Nurse and cooks to meet your child’s every need. Our aim is to present a Christian message in a recreational camp setting where campers can learn about the Bible and practice daily living in a Christ-like way.  

The camp begins on Monday, July 15th. Campers will gather to leave at First Baptist Church of Leesburg, in the GYM around 1:30. Please make sure your child has eaten lunch prior to coming. Campers will be returning to the GYM on Friday, July 20th at approximately 12:45 p.m. *NOTE: Our goal is always safety. We will never hurry or endanger your child just to meet a 12:45 deadline. We will do our best to arrive as closely to 12:45 pm as possible. Please arrange to be there to meet your child at that time. If other arrangements are necessary, be sure to let Skipper knows before the beginning of camp.

If you child is attending REAL Kidz Camp with or from another church then they will be responsible to meet us at camp SonLight. Camp check-in time is 3-5pm.

Please locate, print out and completely fill in the following forms: Medical Release, Transportation Release and Medicine Dispensing. These forms MUST be turned in prior to your child attending camp. All children attending must complete these forms.

Medical & Transportation Release
We MUST have a notarized Medical Release Form and a Transportation Release Form for each camper before allowing him or her to leave for camp. 

Medicine Dispensing
Please place the completed form and medicine into a zip lock bag with your child’s name on it. If there is any condition you prefer not to write down, feel free to call Skipper at any time before camp. If your child must take prescription medicine, please give it to our camp nurse with instructions for administering it. For the safety of all- children are NOT allowed to have any medicine (over the counter or prescription) on them or in their bags!

In packing for your camper, be sure to include enough clean clothes for the entire week. Please see the Camper’s Needs/Packing List. You may want to include extra clothing just in case. There are no laundry facilities for the campers to use. At this campsite, campers will need to bring linens, pillow, and blanket etc.

You may allow your child to bring a small amount of money for our Snack Shack and Camp Store. We recommend 20 one dollar bills. They are welcome to bring what ever you wish but know this: they will spend what you send. Make sure you include a Bible, toothbrush, comb, towel, and washcloth. 

The children will be encouraged to have a morning quiet time each day, during which they read their Bible, use a devotional guide (provided for them at camp), and pray. We strongly encourage them to continue this when they return home. We invite you to call Skipper for suggestions in helping your child establish such a habit.

When we arrive at camp, we will contact the church and let them know that we arrived safely. We will also be posting on our Facebook page regularly so be sure to Like us. There is not a public phone on the property. In case of an emergency, please call the church office and they will contact us. They will have the on-site, property manager’s phone number. Please be assured that we will treat your children as our own and we will not hesitate to contact you if there is a need. If you need to contact me, my number is (904) 476-8509. I do not keep my phone with me at all times while at camp but I do check it regularly.

I am looking forward to a great camp! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for allowing your child to attend camp this year!

Skipper Rodgers
Children’s Pastor, First Baptist Church Leesburg