Camper's Needs -Packing List
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2019 REAL Kidz Camp General Information and Packing List 

General information 

1. Cleanest Cabin: There will be a competition each morning between the boys and girls to see who has the cleanest cabin. Prizes will be awarded each day. 

2. Kangaroo Court: Kangaroo Court is our version of Lost and Found. 

3. Skits: Some days there will be a skit. The children will have an opportunity to volunteer to be in the skit if they wish. 

4. Talent Showcase: It is our desire to encourage everyone to discover and showcase their God given talents and abilities. We will provide opportunities during camp for campers and counselors alike to display their talents. Everything from: singing, dancing, monologue/skits to Lego building or gymnastics and jump roping. Almost anything goes. If someone would like to participate in the Talent Showcase then they need to bring to camp all necessary items needed for their performance such as costumes, props, CDs, etc. Campers are encouraged to perform if they wish. On Tuesday morning during free time they will have the opportunity to practice and to show our coordinators their talent. 

5. Weird Party: On Thursday night we will be having a WEIRD costume party. Campers are invited to wear their best WEIRD outfit. We will have some fun skits, crazy games and opportunities to win prizes. It’s gonna be a blast! *Please Note: costumes are NOT mandatory! Whether a costume is worn or not everyone will have equal opportunities to participate, win prizes and have fun! 

Camper’s Needs/ Packing List: Miscellaneous items 

• A Great Attitude 
• Insect Repellent 
• Sunblock lotion 
• Bible (NIV, New American Standard, or Holman Christian are the easiest for children to understand) Skipper primarily speaks and teaches from HCSB (CSB).
• Ink Pens 
• Flashlight 
• Highlighter 
• Watch (waterproof) THIS IS A MUST FOR EACH CAMPER! 
• Garbage Bag (to carry linens in on the way and dirty clothes in on the way back) 
• Sports Bottle (you will get very thirsty) 
• Clothes hangers (3-4) – for wet bathing suits and towels 
• Clothespins with the child’s name on them to identify their hangers. 
• Plastic grocery bags (for wet bathing suits and towels on the way back) 
• Any medication—(please let the camp nurse, know about dosage) 
• Hat (if desired) 
• Sunglasses 
• Swim Goggles (if they want them) 

• Toothbrush 
• Toothpaste 
• Shampoo 
• Soap in a dish or bottle 
• Deodorant 
• Any other bathroom stuffs 

• Towel 
• Washcloth 
• Beach towel 
• Pillow & Pillow Case 
• Single fitted sheet 
• Single cover sheet 
• Blanket- THE ROOMS can get COLD at night. 
• *Some children like to bring sleeping bags instead of sheets 

• Swimsuit (Modest- Girls need a one piece or a cover up surf shirt) 
• Shorts - All shorts must be fingertip length (No short shorts). Appropriate clothing will be provided if necessary. 
• Shirts- All shirts must be modest. (No tank tops with “spaghetti” straps. No tube tops) Appropriate sayings and pictures please. 
* A WEIRD costume.
• P.J.’s – Pajamas 
• Jeans (one pair is fine) 
• Athletic Shoes- Shoes WILL get dirty 
• Water Sandals or shoes you can run in and get wet. They need to have a back strap on them. 
• Socks 
• Unmentionables!! 

Food (optional) 
• Gatorade 
• Snacks 

• Money for the Snack Shack and Camp Store (Recommended- $20.00.) If you wish to send more, you can just know that “If you send it they will spend it!”
*All proceeds go towards our Summer Camp Scholarships. 

PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Silly String, Shaving Cream! 

Revised June 14, 2019